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VeriDOCs provides a stable, reliable and secure environment with our web based revenue cycle solutions.


No. 1

System Interfaces

We are interface experts. If data is available we’ll find a way to capture it.

LightSpeed coordinates with client’s facility IT departments to establish a secure data capture process. Generally we capture data through a SFTP or VPN tunnel from various report writers, including HL7 integration through batch or live messages or any custom file format. We offer compatibility with HL7 integration, batch or e-print and scan solutions.

EHR integration

Epic, McKesson, A4 HMED, Medhost, Medhost EDMS 4.1, Cerner, Cerner SurgiNET, Cerner FirstNET, HPF, Meditech, Meditech 4.4, Meditech 5.66, Meditech 6.0, Meditech Magic, Meditech 6.2, Picis, Star Navigation, Empower IDS, Allscripts, Promed, IBEX

Demographic Interfaces

Epic, HPF, Star, A4 HMED, PBAR, Meditech, Picis, Vlweb, HMF Clinical, Star Navigation, Paragon, Cerner, Pulse, Allscripts, HMA Map, HMS, IBEX, CHS AS400, iMed, Promed, Mckesson, Invision TPX, Empower IDS, PACS, Power Chart, Easy Web.

Billing System Interfaces

Interfaces are custom built to send charge data and include: GE Centricity/Group Manager, CPU, Healthpac, QRS, Medical Manager, Medsuites, Athena. We also leverage new or existing interfaces for insurance eligibility or zip code verification on patient demographics through Emdeon.

No. 2

Coding Application

VeriCODE provides a reliable environment for medical coders to thrive in. This past year we had over 500 active coders worldwide.

VeriCODE is a quality driven application for medical coding services. We capture ICD-10, CPT codes and PQRS metrics. The platform was built to handle the complexities of geographically distributed coding, and the normalization of disparate data sources. Coders can access VeriCODE from anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection. Medical records are consistently presented in a normalized manner, regardless of the data type (.TIF, .TXT, .PDF, .RTF). Coder queues are available by insurance types, or by next in queue basis.

Powerful Features & Flexibility

— Deficiency management: Anything that prevents a patient account from being coded or billed.

— Discrepancy management: Anything that can be coded or billed that lacks consistency in physician documentation.

— Unbillable management: Unbillable patient accounts for the physician practice.

— Validation management: Client built hard or soft stops for various reasons such as: PQRS measures that are being reported by the practice; missing data inputs: times, ICD10 codes, procedure codes, place of service; insurance-driven rules by the practice.

No. 3

Audit Application

Pre-billing, web-based application for coder quality assurance.

Our Audit Application provides a stable and reliable solution to audit medical coders. Audits are queued on a nightly scheduled job. Audit filters are flexible and client-driven and may include any quantity or combination of: ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, PQRS qualifiers, Providers, and Insurance types.

No. 4

Physician Peer Review Form

Web-based reporting tool for provider’s quality of service and care.

Like audit, peer review filters are flexible and client-driven, with any combination of ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, PQRS qualifiers, Providers, and Insurance types.

No. 5

Workflow Oversight & Reporting

VeriNET reports are easily accessible, web based, and exportable.

Data is always available in VeriNET, through a batch export or via an API interface. Data is stored in a tier 1 data center in metro Atlanta and, if necessary, is easily accessible. We assure a high level of security, accessibility, and redundancy with daily tape backups.

Workflow oversight

Reporting that provides overview access to workflows and allows for granular access to account data such as: patient demographic data, patient medical records, coding data, detailed history on the account, log reconciliation

Deficiency report

Reporting for issues with documentation that prevents an account from being coded or billed.

Coder productivity

Track coders’ progress, quality and productivity through our detailed reporting metrics.

Weakness report

Provider specific reporting used for training.

Other Solutions

Lightspeed offers several additional solutions.

Software Development

Leverage our software development team to build out new or add on services. LightSpeed understands healthcare and takes pride in our development team and process. Current software development projects include OCR of medical records, data integration projects and various other projects.

Medical Coding

ICD-10 is simple with our medical coding software. We have access to medical coders and can help your organization with ICD-10 medical coding. We have broken down medical coding to a science. We know what medical coders need and have a network of thousands of resources domestic and international who know VeriDOCS well.

Consulting Services

LightSpeed was founded as a consulting company. We know the industry and what technology drives efficiency and success. ICD-10, HL-7, revenue cycle management, whatever it is we can help!

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