Client Success Story


“Absolutely blown away with the speed and stability of LightSpeed VERIDOCS.”

Beginning in 2007, LightSpeed Technology Group began providing MBS with the tools and interfaces necessary to ensure secure and appropriate Medical Document Management, including load of clinical chart access, on-line and compliant coding and charge capture, appropriate exports to Allscripts PM, and comprehensive real-time and historical reporting. With the continued support of LightSpeed, MBS has been able to successfully migrate LightSpeed’s VeriDocs solutions to each of the Physician Practice Groups it supports.


MBS initiated a project to improve capture, management and storage of patient records and to develop effective and secure online coding and charge import. It was mandatory that any system integrate with Allscripts PM. To achieve this goal and ensure project success LightSpeed Technology Group was selected.


During the First Phase of the project, MBS tested VeriDocs at a Regional Hospital with an annual Emergency Department volume of 29,000 patients. LightSpeed successfully completed installation, which included interfacing with Allscripts PM. The interface included importing Patient Demographic files and Clinical Patient Medical records from the hospital, as well as exporting the Patient Demographic files and the charge capture and CPT, ICD9 and HCPCS codes as designated by MBS coders to Allscripts PM. The First Phase was deemed successful within the first month of full Production. The Second Phase was to implement VeriDocs for each of the Physician Practices. As a third-party vendor, MBS partners with clients who use a wide variety of software architecture, many requiring interface customization. Through pre-install surveys and project planning, LightSpeed assisted MBS in creating a realistic and comprehensive Implementation Schedule for each of the remaining 14 practices. Working closely with each facility’s IT group, LightSpeed designed complete connections for each practice. Successful partner migration was completed ahead of schedule.



Annual Emergency Department Volume



  • Seamless Integration with Allscripts PM and other partners
  • Secure and Automated Workflow for Chart Capture, Coding and Billing Export
  • Patient Chart Management
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting



Medical Billing Solutions (MBS) provides outstanding coding, billing and administrative services to Emergency Department and Wound Care Physician groups through stringent and streamlined compliance and financial procedures. Using proactive and comprehensive standards, the company ensures adherence to all applicable guidelines, while ensuring full, fair and prompt payment. In 2008, the company managed over 300,000 patient visits, collecting over $33 million.



MBS needed to improve their methods of capturing and storing patient records, including the development of online coding and charge import. It was necessary for any solution to operate seamlessly with their current Practice Management system: Allscripts PM. MBS selected Lightspeed Technologies and their VeriDocs suite of products as their top choice to accomplish this task.



• Technical Experience and Expertise

• Customization

• On-going Training and Support