Requirements for emergency department (ED) claims are on the rise, and practice executives must be proactive if they expect to be paid properly for services provided. In our recent ebook, “How to Mitigate Your ED Reimbursement Risk,” LightSpeed coding technology experts partner with Zoll AR Boost self-pay billing pros to provide practical tips for better bottom lines in emergency medicine. Here are key takeaways from the ebook.

Engage Every ED Stakeholder

A new level of revenue integrity diligence is essential for all involved in the ED revenue cycle:

  • Emergency medicine practices
  • Emergency billing companies
  • Health system executives

Instead of using complex methods to manage patient pay receivables, emergency practices and billing companies should first try the simplest efforts.

Focus on Six Steps for Right Reimbursement

Rely on the following six steps to improve coding and billing workflow as an effective means of securing the right reimbursement for emergency care.

  1. Ensure Prompt and Proper Data Transfers. Establish a secure data capture process across dozens of EHRs, EMRs and emergency practice billing systems, and gather all the ED information required for proper coding and billing.
  2. Assess Self-Pay Up Front. Be proactive! Include real-time assessment, on-demand insurance discovery and incorporation of all chart information to make optimal ED coding and billing decisions.
  3. Measure Payability. Determine the patient’s ability to pay early on, so the emergency department can segment accounts and assign their focus accordingly.
  4. Boost Coder Productivity. Adopt advanced coding technology to ensure all steps are accurately and thoroughly completed.
  5. Protect the Revenue You Earn. Use correct modifiers, coder education and physician documentation training to decrease claim rejections and payer denials.
  6. Report Bad Payer Behavior. Be aware of payer coverage changes for emergency medicine, in order to report overzealous payers trying to trim costs and minimize provider reimbursements.

These steps help automate billing and coding processes while easing the complexity and challenges that many emergency practices experience today.

To learn more, download our latest ebook: How to Mitigate Your ED Reimbursement Risk


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